Our mission

TREP is the core of enTREPpreneur, it is at the core of who we are, who we work with, and what we do

We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs working with other entrepreneurs and businesses – who we call “treps.” These treps aren’t our clients; they are our partners. And, we work with them to install holistic, world-class management systems that will accelerate the growth of their businesses and ideas.

We evaluate and treat the whole entrepreneurs’ lives; family, self, spirit and work as one system. Your business is personal and better when it is aligned with you, TREP gets that. 

  • Cultivating a culture that recognizes the value of entrepreneurs 
  • Supporting entrepreneurs (omit - their) drive to build workplaces, products, and ideas that contribute to an improved society.
  • A future where entrepreneurs are seen as an extremely valuable commodity in business
  • Sought after and sourced to companies in need via agents
  • Valued and revered by society in the same limelight as rock, movie, and sports stars.

One hundred years from now, we want to live in an entrepreneur’s world where talented, driven individuals can turn their vision into realities and improve the lives of those around them.